SPARQLing Biology: a beginners course.

SPARQL workshop organized by BiGCaT Maastricht University

SPARQLing Biology: a beginners course.


This website includes the workshop material for:


This workshop consists out of four parts:

An addendum is available, where we added:

  • Answers to questions asked during the tutorial.
  • More information on where to find Biological and Chemical properties (aka relationships) to expand your query.
  • More detailed explanation of the SERVICE statement (since this is not directly part of SPARQL, but constructed by Wikidata for easier querying).

We added a second addendum, discussing federated query from Wikidata to WikiPathways and converting IRIs

We want to thank all the participants of our workshop, and if you have any more questions and/or comments, feel free to use our issue tracker (if you are new to GitHub, please follow the instructions in the addendum to create an account and add an issue).

The material for this workshop is available under CC-BY-SA 4.0 International licence.