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This page indicates you got redirected because something is not working. Please read the instructions and pointers below about the status of our BiGCaT services.

14 December 2020

Because of a security incident at the Maastricht University, there have been some changes in the services provided by BiGCaT.

Working services:

WikiPathways website and data download

The WikiPathways website is online and can be used. Pathway data can be downloaded as well .


The PathVisio website is reachable. You can download PathVisio from our Github release page. Find all relevant mapping data on the BridgeDb data page

BridgeDb webservice

The BridgeDb webservices are online and can be used, including Swagger/OpenAPI interactive documentation.

WikiPathways SPARQL endpoint

The WikiPathways SPARQL endpoint is available (sparql.wikipathways.org). For access through command line or coding environments, add '/sparql' to the URL. Also, the RDF data can still be downloaded at data.wikipathways.org and loaded in a local Virtuoso or Blazegraph installation.

BridgeDb.org website

The BridgeDb website has been migrated to Github. The individual mapping files can be found at our data page . The BridgeDb webservice includes these latest files, including Gene+Protein, Metabolite and Interaction mappings.

NOT Working services:

data.pathvisio.org website

Data is available from the BridgeDb data page itself, our through the webservice of BridgeDb .

ArrayAnalysis.org website and service

The ArrayAnalysis.org website is unreachable. Results from analysis started shortly before the attack will be kept on the server.

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